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Wentworth Health Spa, and night life
Thursday, 17 April 2008
Beware!!! Thai gals are the cheapest & dirtiest crooks...
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: Thai prostitutes passing off as licensed massuers

Why this blog? I wish to share with you my experience in one of the most notorious spa in Kuala Lumpur. Located in the premises of the now defunct wentworth Hotel, this spa  doubles in as a brothel . Not joking.The spa operates till early hours of the morning and has no fear against authorities. The irony is that the spa is a licensed spa potraying that it is clean and professionally run. I am not complaining on this issue as I had some good fun there at trhe expense of the lax law enforcement or rather, corrupted enforcement agency.

The hunger for money has driven the thai massuers to offer sex services to most customers...Well for RM180 you get a  massage and a good fuck. I was once massged by a nude gal. Sounds like good fun isnt it? Well not for me. Because of my frequent visit to this spa shortly before i return to Australia,  I was cheated RM20,000-00. Which is quite abit for a retiree.How did the get away with this stunt? well thy bribed the authorities. From immigration department to anti vice squad...the boss has his buddies. I certainly do not dismiss the possibility of the management teaming up with the thai gals. these chinese punks dop look very dubious in my eyes.

I lost my wife a couple of years back. I was pretty lonely and came over to Malaysia to visit my son who is an expatriate. On a trip around Kuala Lumpur, a chinese taxi driver recommended the spa. I was more than delighted when i was serviced by a few thai massuers.

I was most delighted as i never expereinced anything like this in my life. I can only now live in regret

 I was served by a few thai gals.

No.10. A friendly and small petite gal who is good at massage and fuck. Rating: 7/10

No.11 A sweet talking bitch who is really hungry about money.

No.13 She did not offer sex to me

nO.7 Another good but moody massuer. No sex only talk.

No.5  Bad massuer but nevertheless friendly

No.25 As smooth as 11

No.27 A hot chick that drives me nuts.a Good liar.

No.31 A full time whore thats spaks little english and bloody moody.

I even moved into Wenthworth hotel around november or December 2007. I visited this spa regulary.

I was cheated by one of the gals above. No names mentioned.She said she was forced into the profession. And is looking for the chance to marry a foreigner and live in a foreign country. How stupid was I. She said her mom has health problems and  needed cash. She promised freindship and is awaiting th chance to quit.

How foolish was me to buy the story. I have always been a barley farmer and never did it occur to me that this was a plain trick used by the ruthless bitches. I gave her the cash in part. I even used my credit card to withdraw cash. I visit her everyday on a double section massage almost everyday. My surpise came when one day she deliberately fpound a way to start an argument with me and started her abusive ways . I nearly had a heart attack. I tried to contact her as i was in Johor with my son, but to no avail. This bitch has taken my money and will do the same to other unsuspecting preys.

This girl is not only cheap, she is ruthless. May she burn in hell and may she die a horrible death. Fuck you bitch. Shame on your country... Customers are made silly fools by you ... mark my word, I am coming back to look for you. 


Posted by wentworthspa at 5:05 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 30 July 2008 8:51 AM EDT
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